Wednesday, February 16, 2011


      Thanks for a group that posted a very funny topic, as it gives me tonnes of idea on this beautiful morning. As I mentioned in the title above, my entry for this time is all about artist @ singer. 

      Artist is often describe as a person or a group who entertain people. There are many of them exist, in different country and different culture. As long as there is a fan, there will be also an anti-group as well. Shortly, world is always like that. 

     This 'career' is initially for fun, there is no such thing as professionalism in this area, as well as it is not meant for professional event. After several years (sorry about the time, I really forgot), artist's 'career' announced as one of the profession, just as lawyers, engineers do; they have their salary and bonus. As they always perform in public, they also describe as 'public figure'.

    Artist or a singer is paid based on their notability, as they started to sell their albums, people tend to buy it, listen to it and may like to it. This people is called as fans, the one that I assume as the backbone of this career. Why? because fans is actually "pay their salary". This may sound a little bit extreme, but this is the reality. It is true that this group is actually under a recording company, but the one who buy all the products from them is fans, or consumer.

     Now let me define the almost exact meaning of 'public figure', that is a person or group which become famous and notable, and 'famous' here is supposed to be linked by their talent. For a singer to sing and a performer to perform, it doesn't only composed of good voice, it includes everything; styles, attractiveness, and influences that will makes them to go up high in their career. Nowadays, there are millions of singers and performers, making them to work harder in order to influence fans. And for that, many performers are now put their focus more towards style and attractiveness. All this is mainly for attracting more fans and make their products to be sold in higher quantity. A simple hypothesis made from this chain is the more popular one artist is, the higher the quantity of his or her album sold.

       As there are many type of genre exist in this world of music, there are also various artist that present recently. Some of them are in groups, but some prefer to sing on their own, regardless what genre that they prefer, they keep singing and make fans.

    Variation of artist makes diverse of fans, and as a public figure, they started to be compared from one to another. Since 'to err is human', this phenomenon couldn't reach its end, finding the most perfect human that can perform in a stage without any noticeable mistake. Over protecting traits of human makes another group of fan born in this unfortunate world of entertainment, that is known as extremist. Extremist usually condemn an artist and propagandized their own interest, and for this topic, their artist.

        Now let me give a simple analogy, I go to a shop to buy sweets, but since there are many type of sweets with different brand and covers. Now, can you determine which sweets will I buy? Of course the one with colourful covers and decorations, as it gives me first impression, and do you know that first impression is a great psychological influence towards your body reflection? I may found it very tasteful for the first time, and I may get bored later, and I may changed to another sweets later on. Actually, this is the real life of an artist; they might being liked, but then some fans will be bored and some of them will forget the artist later on. As long as there is no improvements from the concepts, and style of singing, I afraid that the artist is on a flat track.

       In conclusion, artist is very dependent to their fans, and fans also depend to their artist. If there is no artist, there will be no fans, and vice versa. All I want to say is that fans should appreciate their artist and in the same time, respect others as well. There is no need for an anti group to be exist, as long as we care what we adore, since the artist themselves didn't quite fighting among themselves, why should we? 




Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another story of me in this huge world

      Seems it is  few days passed after I reached my 19th birthday, I am thinking about making a little summary of my life.  As I get older, my mind and soul keep searching for the meaning of love, yeah.. it's LOVE.. this four-letters-word has many unpredictable meanings inside of it. Although I'm 18 years old (This story happened last year), but I seem can't find this word's meant for me. I remember one of my teacher in primary school asked me about love, and I can't answer it with full of confidence, but as usual, I kept fooling around with the definition, situations that suddenly makes my friend named COURAGE is dying to find the true meaning of this. My mind kept telling me that I will find this true meaning of love one day. Couldn't do anything more except continuing my life as a human and a servant to my God.

    My search started when I was in primary school, I found a beautiful and sweet girl, but we never talked since she left the evening session school when we both in year four. I tried to be her best friend by sending letters (hahaha.. what a childish tactic ) and this letter worked. We kept in touch until the end of year six. After that, we lost contact for about a year before I could get her telephone number from a friend of mine. I learned many things from her, including an outer side of this LOVE. The first lesson that she taught me was "heart has its own will" (sorry, I paraphrase the statement). Yup, she applied it in her life and she lived happily now...

   After that, I found another interesting girl back in PLKN that reminded me a valuable thing that I wouldn't ever forget whenever I felt depressed because of my life, that is "All the thing that's happened is under Allah's permission" (one more time, I paraphrase it..). She is an attractive girl, lived in the same district of mine, and now study oversea. Hahaha.. kept in touch with her made me think that perhaps I'm not very suitable to be a boyfriend in terms of serious coupling matters but I am good in making friends with them. In this kind of relationship, I learned about the difference between friend and special girlfriend.

   One year at the furthest place I've ever been made me more matured in terms of critical thinking and my management. Maybe I learned all of them from my friends, teachers and not to forget my post in representative council. Also, I've made a big mistake from this college; that I regretted until this breath of time, I accidently made a promise to a girl. Without any further thinking, I confidently told  my feelings to her, yup, the feeling is true, but when I with her, I can't keep up my academic, it's not her fault, but I guess I am the one who is not really ready to commit a serious relationship. She is blessing in disguise, perfection over a simple person, always try her hard to make me comfortable with her, never ever complaint anything about me, although I knew that my personal life was worst at that particular time.. yeah, the only thing that I learned from this unfortunate relationship is "never give any commitment if you're already have another important commitment to make". Many asked me why and why, even myself kept thinking about it, I might not crying outside, but inside, Allah knows...

   From this three attempt of having a relationship, all I could say is I am not ready for knowing the true meaning of LOVE, perhaps towards my family is the most prior thing that I must do first. So, I will not having any other relationship until I feel that my commitment towards my academic is done.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dalam entry kali ini, saya tergerak hati untuk menulis tentang amanah; Amanah yang diberikan oleh orang lain untuk dipegang oleh seseorang. Tujuan secara tersuratnya sungguh simple, kononnya nak jadikan seseorang itu lebih bertanggungjawab dan sedar akan masa hadapannya perlu dibentuk. Bukan nak kata aku ni tak suka pegang amanah, tetapi amanah yang diberikan itu kadang-kadang tidak perlu diberi kepada orang lain, cukuplah sekadar mempercayai akan kebolehan amanah itu bergerak sendiri, kerana amanah juga ada usia, sudah dewasa, maka amanah itu tidak perlulah dipertanggungjawabkan kepada pemegang amanah yang lain.

Selalunya masyarakat memandang pemberian amanah itu hanyalah dari sudut si pemberi, kali ini, cuba pusingkan pandangan kepada penerima atau pemegang amanah. (saya sedang membicarakan tentang amanah yang belum perlu diberikan kepada orang lain untuk dipegang)

Karakter :
Pemegang amanah baru
Pemegang amanah lama

Situasi :

Pemegang amanah baru masih lagi sedang dalam usaha mencapai cita-citanya sebagai seorang yang berkarier, cuba untuk mengubah status keluarga ke arah brighter side dengan mendapat satu anugerah Allah yang amat tinggi kurnianNya. Secara mengejut, amanah datang dalam hidup si pemegang amanah baru secara tidak sengaja, lalu , si pemegang amanah lama pun memberikan amanah tersebut kepada pemegang amanah yang baru. Cuba fikirkan apa kemungkinan yang berlaku  kepada si pemegang amanah yang baru tersebut, kemungkinan untuk menjadi stress dan tertekan amatlah tinggi kerana si pemegang amanah yang baru ini perlu memastikan academic performancenya pada tahap yang tinggi supaya pihak yang menanggung pembelajarannya percaya bahawasa pelaburan mereka tidak tersia. Belum lagi dimasukkan elemen-elemen peribadi seorang pemegang amanah yang sedang melalui usia remaja,mempunyai darah muda yang belum matang sepenuhnya. Amanah yang diberikan padanya amatlah besar, namun apabila si pemegang amanah baru yang sedang belajar itu terleka dan terlupa dengan amanah yang diberikan, si pemegang amanah bertindak memarahi si pemegang amanah baru tersebut. Perlukah si pemegang amanah baru itu dimarahi oleh pemegang amanah yang lama? sedangkan tidak perlu diberikan amanah itu lagi saya kira..

Secara jujurnya, saya tidaklah mahu menuding jari seratus peratus kepada si pemegang amanah yang lama, namun kita renungkanlah sebentar, kerana tidak tahukah kita bahawasanya ada juga peranan yang kita telah mainkan sehingga tindakan daripada pemegang amanah yang lama diambil.(Sekali lagi saya ingatkan bahawa saya memberi pendapat kepada amanah yang belum lagi perlu diberikan.)

Apa-apapun, saya tidaklah menafikan niat tulus si pemengang amanah lama, namun seperti yang saya tekankan dalam entry kali ini, amanah itu belum lagi perlu diberikan. Amanah-amanah yang bertindak membentuk peribadi seseorang (terutamanya remaja) amatlah digalakkan, sebagai satu latihan agar tidaklah kekok apabila berhadapan dunia luar.

P/S : Kepada pemegang2 amanah di luar sana, anda mempunyai hak untuk menolak amanah yang anda rasa tidak perlu ditanggung sekarang. Fikir-fikirlah sebelum anda bersetuju dengan amanah yang anda perlu pikul.

Berkata-kata ibarat menandatangani kontrak, sekali terlepas.. susah untuk ditarik kembali


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dua Jalan yang Besar...

Sekarang merupakan perkara yang paling susah untuk aku buat decision. Walaupun dah biasa dengan make decision dalam meeting, tapi kelainan aku rasakan.. memilah kehidupan aku untuk selama-lamanya.. kedua-duanya bagus, it just that I can't have both...

Ceritanya bermula apabila semalam, sedang aku study math sambil layan facebook. Kawan aku datang kat aku and suroh aku check status JPA aku, cauze dierr dapat something from JPA. Aku pon tanpa perasaan check la..
Satgi, dapat pulak offer untuk ICPU, nak pergi kanada..

So, dari semalam aku berfikir.. sama ada nak ambil Australia yang dah dikendong ataupun nak ambil peluang JPA kasi nie kat aku... Susah la nak pilih...

Ramai kawan2 aku cakap yang Canada nie bagus... tapi aku x nafikan yang Australia pun kurang hebatnya.. rase macam rugi je.. walaupun Kanada dikatakan sebagai World's most best to live and study, it's not that what I want...

susah2.... haha.. Dulu, pandai nasihat orang.. satgi kene plak kat diri sendiri.. terdiam 10000 bahasa..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Buku tentang Realiti Malaysians

Dalam nak hilangkan tensi2 dalam kepala otak aku nie.. aku bace satu buku.. tajuknyerr Honk! If you're Malaysian hasil nukilan seorang wanita berbangsa cina, Lydia Teh.. At first, aku x expect buku nie pasal ape an.. tetibe lepas aku bace, aku tertarik dengan satu qoute daripada kawan dierr..

Kalau tak malas, bukan melayu
Kalau tak tipu, bukan cina
Kalau tak minum (arak), bukan india

then, Lydia teh ni pon jawab:

Kawan saya melayu, tapi dia sangat rajin
Saya cina, tapi saya tak pernah menipu
Kawan saya india, tapi dia x minum arak

Persoalan timbul, adakah perangai juga dikawal oleh traids yang membawa genes parent kite??
namun, persoalan itu terjawab apabila saya bertanyakan pendapat kawan aku, dia x jawab secara direct.. tapi dia ader bagi aku satu cerita...

Ceritanya macam nie, ader sorang bapak. kerjenye mencuri hinggakan menjadi pencuri terhebat di dunia. then, pada suatu hari, si bapak meniggal dunia, dengan 2 orang anak lelaki sebagai tinggalannya. Setelah sekian lama, 2 orang anak itu menjadi bewasa dan mempunyai karier mereka sendiri.. yang sorang (anggap sebagai si A) menjadi seoang usahawan yang berjaya, dan seorang lagi (anggap sebagai si B) menjadi ahli kongsi gelap yang berjaya. Pada suatu hari, seorang watawan datang menemuramah mereka. Dengan satu soalan yang berbunyi, "apakah yang menyebabkan korang jadi macam nie?" mereka menjawab dengan serentak, "SEBAB AYAH SAYA LAH, SAYA JADI MACAM NIE..."

Daripada cerita ni la aku dapat inspirasi dan another fact about humans life, it's not what the situation that we encounter, but how we deal with it.. maknenye, cara kita memandang sesuatu perkara adalah amat penting, kerana x semestinya masalah datang dengan satu penyelesaian, mungkin ader 1000, mungkin 3, 4 atau 5 solutions, so.. marilah kita sama2 fikirkan.. mane yang baik n mane yang buruk utk kita..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Special Edition : Mother's day Edition

Sebenarnye aku dah lame berhajat nak tulis post nie... Tapi sebab ader exam an.. ok2.. let's check it out!

           Aku tertarik nak tulis post nie selepas satu insiden besar berlaku dalam diriku.. menyebabkan aku terasa nak berfikir sedalam-dalamnya tentang perkara ini. Subjeknya mudah; IBU@MAMA@MAK.. siapa sebenarnya ibu dalam diri kita?? mengapakah kita sering melaungkan perkataan, "I LUV U MAMA"?? kenapa hari ibu perlu disambut??

          Jangan salah sangka tentang semua persoalan yang aku timbulkan di atas ni.. tapi aku nak ajak korang supaya berfikir dengan sedalam-dalamnya tentnag perkara ini.. kalau kita lihat di kaca televisyen, pelbagai program atau drama acap kali mengisahkan tentang anak derhaka terhadap ibunya, tujuannya hanyalah satu, iaitu  ingin menyedarkan anak2 muda dan remaja supaya MENGENANG JASA IBU DAN AYAH MEREKA...

          Satu kisah yang menarik yang aku nak bawak dalam post kali ini ialah berkenaan seorang anak yang boleh aku katakan sebagai tidak tahu lagi apa itu erti ibu... secara ringkasnya, terdapat beberapa prinsip hidupnya terhadap ibunya :

  • Semasa dia belajar, dia mahukan ibu @ bapanya menyediakan SEGALA-GALANYA kepada dirinya itu... walhal dia mendapat bantuan pinjaman untuk pembelajarannya
  • Kalau ada yang tidak kena pada hatinya atas perlakuan atau arahan daripada ibu @ bapanya, dia lantas memberi respons yang buruk dan menyakitkan hati..
  • Dia sering beranggapan bahawa ibu bapanya sentiasa melebihkan ADIK-ADIKNYA, dan sering menyangka seolah-olah dia anak tiri
  • Melawan kata-kata ibu bapanya adalah sesuatu yang biasa.. bagi dirinya, pemikirannya amat tinggi kerana berjaya melanjutkan pelajaran ke tahap yang lebih tinggi daripada ibu bapanya..
         Namun, ada lagi prinsip dalam hidupnya yang membuatkan saya keliru terhadap karakter sebenar beliau :
  • Dia terasa kalau sekiranya ibu bapanya memarahi dia
  • Dia sering mengucapkan I LUV U MAMA, walaupun sacara tidak langsung
  • Sukar untuk menerima pendapat orang lain, kerana dia menyangka bahawasanya dia lebih pandai daripada mereka
         Persoalan yang timbul pada pemikiran saya yang tidaklah begitu mendalam ini ialah, "bukankah ini boleh dikategorikan sebagai anak yang tak mengenang budi??".. 

         YA, kita sering mengaku bahawasanya kita sudah matang, namun, adakah kematangan kita diaplikasikan dalam kehidupan seharian kita? ataupun kematangan hanyalah diperlukan dalam sesi akademik sahaja.. Fikir2kanlah wahai saudaraku sekelian, mungkin secara tak sedar, kita telah melakukan perkara2 yang menyakitkan hati ibu kita.. maka, minta maaflah.. kerana tiada siapa yang mampu berjanji bahawa dia akan hidup walau sesaat lagi..

Friday, April 23, 2010


Persoalan timbul tatkala suatu perselisihan pendapat berlaku
Mengapa si "aku" tidak mahu berterus-terang?
Membiarkan si "engkau" terus lena dalam mimpi
Mimpi yang kini tiada harapan untuk menjadi realiti

Kalaulah si "aku" sedang kelemasan dalam kecelaruan
si "engkau" pula bagaimana??
Yang diminta hanyalah penjelasan
Bukannya kisah yang si "aku" cuba abstrakkan

si "engkau" mengerti akan apa yang si "aku" alami
kerana secara tidak disedari
si "engkau" pun begitu

si "aku" tidaklah kejam
si "engkau" amat mengerti
itu bukanlah perbuatan yang kejam, wahai si "aku"
itu mencari solusi namanya

Biarlah si "engkau" terbuai dalam mimpi
walaupun realitinya diketahui
usahlah runsing wahai si "aku"
si "engkau" bukanlah seperti yang si "aku" kenali dahulu

Si "engkau" merasakan
Usahlah si "aku" bimbang
hilanglah si "engkau" dalam si "aku"
bersama memori-memori lalu
mengenang kembali detik-detik si "engkau" berusaha
Terima kasih wahai si "aku"
kerana memberi peluang kepada si "aku"